Falis on her second day of being Princess Alita.

Professor Akamashi initiates a coup d'état in the Forland kingdom, killing the king with the help of his androids Ana and Yuna. This forces Alita, the Forland princess, to flee in the hopes of reaching her brother, Kaito.

A short while later in a border forest, Alita accidentally pushes the bounty hunter Falis off a cliff while fleeing from the forest guardian beast, Jitterbug, who killed her entourage of castle guards. This results in Alita's and Falis's souls switching bodies due to the near-death experience. Falis wakes up in the body of the princess and panics when she sees her body. When Jitterbug attacks she kills it effortlessly.

Alita, seeing Falis's strength and bravery, begs her to help protect Forland. Falis refuses at first due to her policy of a guaranteed collateral, but accepts after Alita offers her own body and soul as collateral. She and Falis returns to the castle with Dominikov and Pete at their side, and Falis defeats Akamashi and his forces.