Since the prince has returned and is soon to be crowned, Falis plans to leave the next day. Alita says she'll be lonely, but she's told Falis will return when she finds a way to swap bodies again. Later in the evening, Falis is called by the mysterious hooded woman and led into a secret chamber in the castle, leaving her sword behind by accident. It turns out that the woman was a witch named Cecilia, who wanted to use Alita's body to open the secret chamber. They fight and Alita and the others come down to help her, but they run into the two androids and the professor. Suddenly the professor is stabbed from behind by the black armored knight, and the two androids are also defeated. Cecilia came back, and when her hood fell back, Falis recognizes her as the witch who killed her village and family a long time ago. Falis attacks the witch and is intercepted by the black knight. She is badly beaten by the knight, who reveals himself to be Kaito in front of all the guests. He claims that Falis is a false princess and that the others are rebels, turning the kingdom against them. The four of them are forced to flee the kingdom and Kaito is crowned as king.