Falis, Alita and their companions manage to evade capture thanks to a group of traveling entertainers. When they stop to take a break, they begin to discuss the circumstances behind everything that has transpired so far. It turns out that the root cause to all this is the Lost Technology, which was entrusted to the House Forland after the demise of the Old World and is protected by a seal that can only be opened by female members of the House. It was also revealed that Dominikov, Pete, the androids, and all the other synthetic beasts were created from that technology. They were attacked by Kaito, Cecilia, and the Forland army soon after. The androids tried to hold off the army for a little bit but ran out of ammo and battery in a moment. Pete and Dominikov released their true cyborg forms and held off the enemy. Nearly reaching the border, Kaito attacked the wagon and nearly everyone passed out to contact, except Alita. She runs off into the woods with a cloak and holding Falis's sword to distract Kaito. In the forest, Kaito was about to kill Alita but paused when he recognized the strong gaze that she gave him. Falis regains conscious and injures Kaito, unable to kill him due to her condition. Kaito flees and the army retreats. Falis realizes that she and Alita cannot run from their fates anymore and must fight to win back the country from Kaito and Cecilia.